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  1. Hello, I do. I mainly just use it to automatically send my iphone picture library to my nas, but I also sometimes use it to back up a movie folder on my laptop. My Nas is the WD My Cloud (3tb). Had it installed on it for over a month and it's worked like a charm.
  2. Thank you for the reply, i've got it set up on my iphone to do that, it's one of the reasons I thought I could do it. Fingers crossed it'll be a future feature for non-mobile clients.
  3. Hello. I was under the impress that by sharing a Read only secret of a file, that files will be synced but any changes wouldn't be sent over after syncing? This is my set up: Folder on PC (with photos) Copy the Read Only secret -> Folder on my NAS (set up pasting in the read only secret). Now if I paste a photo in the NAS folder, it won't sync back which is correct. If I place them in my PC folder, they sync over, which is great. However, when I delete the photo's from my PC's folder, they are also deleted in the NAS folder. Is this an error, or a limitation with the software/not what it was meant to do. I basically just want to automatically backup this specific folder, and then to save space delete its contents every now and again, knowing they are safely stored on my NAS.
  4. Sorry to post again, but I also got the restart script working on my WD My Cloud. I essentially copied this; http://blog.bittorrent.com/2013/08/20/sync-hacks-how-to-sync-without-data-loss-using-btsync-raspberry-pi/ except the section that you copy and paste is this #! /bin/sh# /etc/init.d/btsync# # Carry out specific functions when asked to by the systemcase "$1" instart) /shares/Public/btsync ;;stop) killall btsync ;;*) echo "Usage: /etc/init.d/btsync {start|stop}" exit 1 ;;esac exit 0 IF you followed my previous post use that ^^also for any other noobs, once that has been pasted in, press CTRL and x and then press 'Y' to save it. After that just follow the rest of the post I linked. Hopefully my goolging will save some other peoples time
  5. Works a treat on WD My Cloud. I have the 3 TB version. I followed the instructions on this post by a very knowledgeable user (RoyW); http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/17214-help-installing-bt-sync-on-wd-mybook-live/ The only differences are that you need the ARM version of bittorrent sync. Also, the extraction wouldn't work using that command, so I just manually extracted the .tar.gz file and followed the next command. Should work fine. I must admit, I have no idea how to make the automatic restart script. Has anyone found a step by step instruction set for someone who has absolutely no idea what he is doing?
  6. Hello all! Really impressed with BitTorrent Sync, it does exactly what I was after and I came across the software by chance, so very happy about it. Basically, I just want to automatically backup my Iphone photos as and when I take photos. I have never wanted to use a cloud service as I would end up paying a ridiculous amount of money, and I rarely use my laptop to manually backup. So BitTorrent Sync has ticked all the boxes and more! However, I am after buying an external hardrive or some form of NAS (I have looked at the NAS supported post). I am really interested in using the LaCie Cloudbox, I haven't bought it just yet. Has anyone tried using BitTorrent Sync on the Cloudbox? If someone does have a Cloudbox, is there any chance you could have a quick test to see if it works? I emailed LaCie, but as of yet I have had no reply. All the best in the new year.