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  1. My IT department blocks BTSync, down to the getsync.com domain. I'm assuming that it's because it uses the BT protocol, which I understand can be quite bandwidth intensive. Trying to be a good corporate citizen, I'm thinking of ways to play nice with their policy, but still use BTSync as my 'home' option. Is anyone currently doing this, or have any opinion on how to do it? My thoughts are to double sync a drive - i.e., my server at home as a BTSync drive, that's also mapped to DropBox or something IT at work will let me run. Then I just keep the two in sync that way.
  2. Hello: Two questions: I was wondering if there's a way to specify to BTsync to ignore all folders named a certain thing, under a specific subtree. i.e., I tend to sync hobby Unity projects using BTsync between my PCs, and I put them all under a "Unity" directory. For those of you unfamiliar with Unity, it generates a host of temporary and intermediate files in the "Libraries" and "Temp" folders of a given project. As such, I'd like btsync to avoid syncing those, so syntax like this would be great to have: Unity/**/Libraries/ Unity/**/Temp/ That is, I'd love to say, "Under the Unity
  3. Sent! Thanks RomanZ - let me know if you need anything further.
  4. Just bumping this - is anyone else seeing this? Even on the latest, (1.3.106) my CPU is pegged at 100% and the website never loads (constantly "waiting for "). My current work around is to use cpulimit to set the process to some sane limit, but I still can't get access to the website to see how syncs are occuring. I'd love to have this be usable again on my Linux box.
  5. I have a firewall that I'm not in control of that's not permitting me to btsync with. What are the normal solutions to this (aside from finding a network administrator and bribing them with flattery? )? The only thing I can think of involves socat and ssh tunnels, but i'm hoping something simpler is available.
  6. Hrmm, good point. That's actually odd - if I use htop (where I got the original output from), it shows multiple processes. However using top or just ps auxf | grep btsync only yields me one. Regardless, it's taking 95% CPU. I imagine htop is reporting incorrectly the number of processes, or I'm reading it incorrectly. Here's the output from top: PID USER PR NI VIRT RES SHR S %CPU %MEM TIME+ COMMAND25556 root 30 10 2112860 1.457g 1572 S 80.9 40.2 15256:02 btsync
  7. Not sure if this is just a fact of life, or if I can optimize it somehow, but I've got two big symptoms with BTSync: - My CPU is pretty much always pegged at >90% utilization, and htop reports BTSync to be the main offender: PID USER PRI NI VIRT RES SHR S CPU% MEM% TIME+ Command25556 root 30 10 2063M 1457M 1004 S 73.0 39.3 81h20:42 /usr/bin/btsync --config /etc/btsync.conf25564 root 30 10 2063M 1457M 1004 R 73.0 39.3 80h48:58 /usr/bin/btsync --config /etc/btsync.conf - The web URL takes forever to load. Now, that said, I do have a perhaps non-typical use