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  1. I am having the same issue as the OP, ledoktre. I disabled the relay, tracker, and DHT settings for a folder on the only two nodes (iMac & MacBook), and my iPhone was still able to sync the folder while not on the LAN (only on LTE). Also , the iPhone does show in the devices tab on the desktop software. This is problematic since the mantra on these forums has been that disabling these 3 settings will limit sync to LAN only. This appears to not be the case. I then followed ledoktre's more stringent setup instructions in the previous post. Once, my computers were re-connected to the internet, they were not able to sync at all. So, at this point, I am not sure how to actually sync only on LAN. I hope someone from BT Sync will chime in to provide more clarity about what is going on here and how to actually achieve LAN only sync, if possible.
  2. Thank you. That clarifies things. I would suggest considering rewording those notifications so they don't sound so much like an error code.
  3. I am running 1.3.94 on latest version of OS X on two separate macs. I do not recall the exact wording, but I just received an error notification to the effect of "xxx folder is out of sync. All devices went offline." Additionally, I have frequently been getting other error messages that just say "all devices went offline" or something like that. These error messages just started happening after the recent 1.2 > 1.3 update to Sync. These error messages sound ominous, and I believe some documents may possibly have also been deleted from one of my macs, with an older version of the documents then synced back instead. Does anyone have anymore info on what is going on here? Is this a known problem with the latest update? Should I be concerned about data loss and stop using Sync until this issue is fixed? Thanks.
  4. Adding my vote for a built-in text editor on iOS.
  5. The desktop application (at least on OS X) allows the user to specify preferences per folder, such as whether to use a relay server or tracker server. There does not appear to be such settings for folders in the iOS apps (not sure about Android since I don't have one). What are the settings for these folders in the iOS apps? Are there default settings for all folders, or does a folder inherit specific settings from the desktop folder? What if a folder is created on iOS and syncs only between iOS devices?
  6. Ha, you're right. That is exactly what is going on. That should have been completely obvious, but I was just not thinking of it correctly. Thank you for setting me straight.
  7. I understand all of that. My question is why/how are the file names for these files not encrypted when in a encfs folder. Does anyone with encfs knowledge know the answer?
  8. I am using encfs to encrypt a folder that is synced via BT Sync. I have noticed that the file names of the following BT Sync files/directory are not encrypted within the raw encfs directory: .SyncArchive (directory) .SyndID (file) .SyncIgnore (file) The file names are readable despite all other file names in the raw encfs folder being encrypted. Has anyone else noticed this behavior? Can anyone provide an explanation of the how and why the names of these files/directory are not encrypted by encfs?