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  1. The OSX app tells me when a device was synced the last time but this date seems only reflect when something is uploaded or downloaded from/to the OSX device to/from other devices. When I delete the file in question on OSX it remains unchanged even though it just has been synced with another device. I think that makes the field very selective and unreliable.
  2. I tried a lot of things. I use BitTorrent Sync on OSX and two Android devices. The network connection works and also worked when I tried it, the only thing I did was saving a file with an application where the file was inside the syncing folder. I just reset/redid my config just now. And it seems to work now. But I didn't do anything different except from not turning off the notification icon on Android. Also a temporary disconnect from the network shouldn't be resulting in a situation that I have to sync manually, or should it? Two additions, I just got the message again. Also it wasn'
  3. When thinking about syncing I think about a system where changes are a reason for sync but BitTorrent Sync behaves completely different. I use it or I want to use it for syncing an encrypted password file over a few devices w/o going over a third server. But when I change the file on my MacBook I get sometimes the message that sync went offline because the folder is out of sync. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but the behaviour seems weird. I hope someone can help me.
  4. I tried Barcode Scanner, which can scan the code w/o a problem but when I open the link which is provided by the QR code, the secret is not in the corresponding field. The QR code is okay, it comes directly from the BitTorrent Sync application on OSX. I tried different brightness settings but no change. BTW in the camera for the 2013 Nexus 7 it never worked, in the Nexus 4 it used to work w/o a problem. No idea about older versions on Nexus 5.
  5. I tried to connect my Nexus 5 and 7 with a folder on my Computer but the scan doesn't work also my workaround with an external application does no longer work. The bug with the Nexus 7 is old, but it is not fixed. Any idea why this is? It is pretty annoying and makes it very hard to correctly sync my folder with my devices. It basically says scanning but it doesn't recognise the QR code.
  6. When choosing a folder the German translation for the button "Cancel" and "Choose folder" are still not fitting on the buttons. I reported it month ago but it has not changed. For "Cancel" it should read "Abbrechen" not "Abrech." For "Choose Folder" it should just read "Auswählen" not "Ordner auswählen" Maybe it will be finally fixed in a future release.