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  1. The server is set up with a read only secret. I don't really know the specs on it to be honest. I'm able to achieve 45Mb/s segmented downloads using cuteftp which is why I'm so confused as to why I can get btsync to do better than this.
  2. It's a direct connection with the two little arrows. Indexing finished last night as well as I read I had to wait on that first to get any decent speeds but there was barely an uptick when it finished.
  3. I've searched the forums but haven't been able to figure this out. I've got a remote server with a gbit connection and my home server which is Windows Server 2012. My home Internet is 85Mbps/35Mbps. I installed the sync app via ssh on the remote side and then installed it on my home computer. Set up a read only sync from the remote and started it up. However I'm only getting 20kB/s-300kB/s speeds. Its mostly on the slower side with only occasional bursts up to 300kB/s. I would think my connection would limit me to about 10MB/s but I'm obviously getting nowhere near that. I've restarted the services on both ends but no change. Am I missing something really obvious? Couple other items. It is only transferring one file at a time. Occasionally a second file will pop up but very little concurrent transfers. The files I'm transferring atm are around 15MB-50MB in size.