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  1. Although that 'works' - I feel it is far to cumbersome and I'd just be better off using dropbox. Bare in mind this has to be quick and simple not just for me, but also something that a GIRLfriend can work out with ease :-P I'm actually amazed there isn't a user friendly system that handles what I am asking for. It feels like that should have been available before the "cloud" became a thing in terms of technological advancements Back when I worked for international firms, they of course had network folders accessible within the office, but also the offices in other cities also had access. How would they achieve it, because that's effectively what I want Bittorrent seems to be along he lines of what I want... I don't know why there isn't a simple option to disable syncing and just have browsing - maybe that's more complicated then I think.
  2. Hi Guys What I want, I feel is quite simple, and when I find out how, I will probably kick myself for not thinking it myself But I want a basic network between users, just like you can have within a LAN using basic Windows networking but accessable no matter where you are in the world. I tried Bitorrent Sync and of course things like dropbox, but what I do NOT want is a "sync" because the folder will contain HUGE files which I do not want to be uploaded and downloaded unless its required to be. So what I need is a method that can allow people to "browse" a folder and take what they need. Cheers