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  1. Issue 2: DHCP was already disabled on the Wireless Router, I turned off UPnP on it and it all started working. All good now. Thanks
  2. The OP asked for a way to display a list of files to download without downloading the files first. Both those solutions provide a means to do that, he doesn't want the files to sync. There is nothing preventing the files in the listing from being torrents and running his own private torrent server. Like there is nothing preventing him in the background turning it into a sync folder and syncing across multiple computers if he so chooses. A web server is probably the best solution as he can generate html pages with descriptions if he wants.
  3. Try at differing distances from the screen, you may be too close or too far. Had the problem on a Samsung Galaxy S4 today and when I increased the distance from the monitor it suddenly got it.
  4. Issue 1: I don't restart my modem due to load problems and I very rarely restart it anyway. This is behaviour I've noticed over quite a few months and has also occurred on the BTSync setups I have at client's places if their modem gets reset for whatever reason. I also just before Christmas did a lot of Ethernet and power rewiring, replacing power boards, got some more switches and got another ups unit. So I just had more occasion to see it happening. It still doesn't get past the problem that if a modem does get reset the UPnP gets lost (as it should) but BTSync doesn't seem to establish new ones. Issue 2: Yeah going to have another talk with him about buying a new modem/router with wireless. The wireless router is used as a wireless access point. Thinking about it now, the Linux box Ethernet cable could be plugged into an Ethernet port on the wireless router, which has an uplink cable to the internet router. I'll give him a call tomorrow and see if he can tell me. Thanks!
  5. The international firms would set up VPN's between each office to make it look like that all the computers were part of the same network. To be able to list files before downloading you can either: Set up an FTP Server or Set up a Web Server that points to a folder, whether it is synced or not. So you get the listing access you require via FTP/WWW and still can have BTSync syncing files between other computers as well if you so choose.
  6. Issue 1: I have several Linux boxes here running BTSync and have noticed that if my ADSL Modem gets reset for any reason then the Sync shares will no longer sync. I understand that this would be due to the UPnP ports being lost but BTSync doesn't seem to try and establish new ones after a period of time. Issue 2: I have a Linux box with BTSync at a client's place and he actually has two routers, one for the Internet and another to handle his WiFi. Even though my end shows his box in my BTSync box in BTSync for the folder I set up for him, his BTSync attempts to establish a UPnP connection via the WiFi router instead of the Internet one. The gateway for the network interface is set for the Internet router and I even added an ip route to make doubly sure. Because of this my end is trying to transfer to him but it never transfers to his end, I have not tried the reverse as files are not intended to flow back to me and I do not have easy access to the GUI but I am able to ssh in. Anybody have any thoughts about these issues? Thanks!