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  1. I haven't dealt with EBS, but I understand wanting a program that mirrors folders *across systems* to possibly mirror them across *drives* for something like backup. That's not really a far fetched concept. As a work-around what if you spun up some sort of VM that mapped the new drive and ran on a different IP, with the dedicated purpose of just running a second BT Sync instance? Then add that to the know hosts of the main server, or it may find it automatically with DHT/peer discovery. But in your scenario are you concerned about partial deployment? That is, some software trying to run o
  2. We ran our tests today, and BT Sync was not able to connect, up or down, through the firewall. "Relay" was enabled, and we even tried adding a "known host" to the synced folder on port 80 which I verified was working through another setup (PC1 -> Verizon Jetpack -> dynamic IP -> Linksys E4500 --> port forward 80:80XX --> PC2). It would be great to have more information on how the relay works so I can try to diagnose the problem, and work to properly get through the firewall. I'd be happy to work closely with the BT developers to provide diagnostics and a test case for an extr
  3. The networks at the schools are often extremely limited for obvious reasons. One school district blocks everything but HTTP, and is even blocking SSH tunneling over HTTP (using Apache's mod_proxy / HTTP connect method). FTP is shut down. STFP is shut down. Sites with the word "proxy" are blocked. I've read a few posts in this forum about IT blocking "bittorrent-like" traffic, and requiring ports to be opened. I'm pretty certain that UPnP is not going to work given the strength of the IT in the schools. I see the option for adding known hosts in the folder settings, which lets me specify a
  4. I work for a small research company that makes educational software/games, and we've got a deployment of 50 computers in 10+ schools. We're currently synchronizing our application and media content from our server to the schools, and our log files from the schools to our server using SyncBack (FTP, yes I know -- without the S, no need to lecture). The schools have varying and inconsistent firewall rules, so the sync isn't happening at some locations. I know the limitations of the networks and why the transfers aren't working, so I'm not asking how to get through the firewall limitations T