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  1. Ignore They have all now populated in Windows, Very, very strange. Still no syncing with Mobile device.... Will delete this if possible
  2. Installed BTSync Windows 7 Setup a folder with some files in it Generated Code Installed BTSync on Nexus 5 Setup a folder Entered Sync Code Started to Sync NOTHING happened. No files went to my mobile phone. So Removed Sync Folder in Windows App Gone to folder on Windows PC, the folder structures are there, but ALL contents are gone. What has happened? What have I done wrong And HOW do I get it back. This is not a good start....
  3. Not sure if I should post my issues to this board or follow the advice of emailing bittorrent (would think a forum answers things quicker), but here is my issue. Setting up for the first time. Windows PC, installed, selected folder, selected create QR Code Installed on my nexus 5, scanning the code and the camera keeps refocusing on the code every few seconds, and so never scans it. Any suggestions? Thanks