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  1. yes, that was a good idea . it solved the problem with wrong permissions of the shared folders on pc1 and pc2 (both linux). i have to add the folders again, than btsync ask to reset the permissons for the folders and everythings works fine again. thank you Harald
  2. hi, this is my configuration: pc1 with fedora 19 (linux) und btsync 1.1.70 pc2 with linuxmint lmde 2013 and btsync 1.1.70 virtualmachine (virtualbox) on pc2 , win7 and btsync 1.2.82 pc1 and pc2 syncs to the virtual machine und reverse but pc1 is not syning to pc2 , pc2 is not syncing to pc1 . they donĀ“t find each other. i tried it by stopping all runnig firewalls (pc and router), i tried by making a portforwarding at the router. i tried to predefine the host with port. nothing works. is there anybody who can help ? thank you.