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  1. @Helen, Upgrading to the latest btsync version fixed the issue. I'm happy as clam! (this is regarding my issue at the top of this thread)
  2. Setup I have the latest BTSync running on two headless-linux devices. The two devices are linked; Device A is located in my home while device B is a virtual server in some datacenter. Device A generates approx. 50 images (100Kb each) on a regular basis (45 mins on average) and stores those under a new sub-directory; At the same time, it creates a static symbolic link which points to the new images directory just created. Issue Observed All files are synced from device A to B as expected. However very often, the files that were added are unexpectedly removed from device A and device B. This typically occurs anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes after the files completed syncing from device A to B. Question I'm looking for suggestions on how to trace which device is triggering the deletion of the files and for what reason?