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  1. Aw. Ok. Thanks for the answer though!
  2. Ok. How exactly do we do that? And do we need that if I'm the only one sending files? I never download his files, he just gets mine. Then when he does something with them, his computer redownloads them.
  3. So, I have a friend that I regularly exchange files with for work. We decided to use this because of how well it works. The problem is, I can't make it work quite like I want. I want to be able to add a document (or file, or Excel file, etc.), have it sync to his computer, and when he does something with it (like moving it, deleting after viewing, etc.) it won't re-download immediately from my side. Is that even possible? It would be great, because otherwise it's getting hard to keep things organized the way we like. Thanks in advanced.