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  1. We are "Read Only" Syncing various folders from locations all round the world, to an offsite server. It seems to be working well, however we have a few little problems that we are unsure of. Firstly - Some of them are occasionally saying "Upload". Is this normal? My thinking is that as its one way we should only be seeing Downloads? Secondly - In a few of them, it looks as though its waiting to sync a file. However there is no file open and we have restarted the servers. Still not saying "synced on...." Is there a way to force it to check over all the files in that sync again.
  2. We have a one way (read only) sync going to an offsite location. We have left this syncing for a few days, its a huge folder. However the sizes are not matching up. They seem to be out of sync. We added exceptions mid way through the sync, could this be what is causing the size mis match?
  3. I have used Read Only secrets to sync my files one way to an offsite location. Is it possible to move the location these are syncing to, without re-syncing all the data we already have? Same goes for the onsite active data, Can i move the onsite location of this, but still keep the sync'd data? Hope that make sense,
  4. Thanks for that SuperMarko, We have set up the read only sync and started it. However, It is only syncing the folders and not the files. In the Transfer Tab its acting as though its transferring data, however, UP and DOWN are both 0.0kb/s Anything else we need to do?
  5. Hi, We have a number of Document stores around the world. Ranging from 10gb complete size to 500gb complete size. We want to to sync them all to an offsite Storage Server. Is it possible to do one way syncing? If so, how would we go about it? Thanks,
  6. Hi Roman, The Firewalls have been checked and are definately disabled. What would our next step be?
  7. I have sent you an extract from the log files in a message
  8. Hi, thanks for your help, just a wee update on where i'm at with this. The Logs were huge and whenever i tried to zip them it crashed. We currently have 4 large syncs running simultaneously to the same server. This making the Log files huge. So i have paused all other syncs (apart from the one we are specifically having problems with) I will let this sync run for a few hours, take the log file, zip it and send it on to you.
  9. Permissions are all ok. I've tried to get into the Debugging Logs but its 1,515,252 KB, Cant get anything to open it. Any idea what i can use to open it?
  10. Anyone have any ideas? Need to get this working
  11. The files aren't locked and there is no special characters used.
  12. The Connection is ok, they are both seeing each other. Just checked the history Tab and its not showing up in there. On the Local computer it is still saying "sync'd 08/1/14". So it looks as though it has just stopped scanning for changes on the local/host computer. Or it just hasnt picked it up. Any ideas what i could look at here?
  13. Thanks for the reply nils. How long does it normally take? It's been 5 days now? The offsite location OS is Windows Server 2003. Local is Windows 7
  14. Hi, Im sync'ing files to an offsite location. I have updated the local folder, (adding some brand new .Doc files) however the offsite location isn't sync'ing. It says last sync 8.1.14. Any reason why the Offsite folder isn't syncing? Should it not just automatically pick up that there has been changes made and replicate them? Thanks,