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  1. Hi Helen and RomanZ, thanks for the explanation. We need this feature (tapping the cross) not just while downloading the file but also after when the file is already synced. We need a way to cancel a sync relationship of files or folders in order to avoid filling up a device with reduced space each time you want to change the files that should be offline available on the device. As described above. Are there plans to inlude this important feature? There are so many people wanting the Selective Sync Feature in this forum. But its not just select but also unselect what is needed.
  2. wait a sec. just found in the change list of the new version 1.3: that sounds like exactly what we want. Question: how can I do it? Can't find any change in the UI.
  3. Thanks Odilbert for pushing this feature. Without it the selective sync function is useless to me.
  4. That would be great. Thank you very much. Can't wait for this feature.
  5. Hi Romanz, thanks for your answer! I don't have a problem with the synchronisation of deletions in an existing sync-relationship. I just need the posibility to cancel this "sync-relationship" after a while. read-only secret would be a solution but I want to sync file updates to the server (e.g. I want to update a mp3 song rating that I made on my mobile device to my server). I need a function like: long press on a synced file or folder and click "don't make offline available" Selective Sync doesn't make sense to me If I just can add files or folders to the syncing list but never can remove any anymore without removing it from all devices.
  6. Hi there, I'm very excited about BTSync and its selective sync feature. However I just can't find out how to unselect an already synced file. Example: Folder AlbumA Folder AlbumB Folder AlbumC are shared on the server on the android app I check AlbumA and AlbumB to be synced on the mobile device. Later I want to quit having AlbumB available on the mobile without deleting it on the server. How can I do this? Can't beleive I'm the only one with this usecase. Please help. Thanks.