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  1. @vlmath a pourtant raison, il serait difficile de faire une synchronisation avec un appareil hors-ligne ! La ligne original dit : "%device%" finished syncing with online devices Ce qui se traduit par : "%device%" a terminé la synchronisation avec les appareils en ligne.
  2. Is ZendDesk really read ? As I put a request and my logs 1 week ago and still nothing !
  3. Actually, what I saw while debugging, is that stopping or restarting btsync just reset the db-wal files, they're deleted automatically and recreated on restart. I'll send the debugging logs.
  4. It's been 4 days since I had those 9kb. I also have another folder with 1.6kb. I tried to add those folder to another of my computer wich also run Windows 7, but the issue is the same ! This doesn't seems to be a no go issue as new/edited and deleted files get synced properly.
  5. Hi RomanZ, Thanks for your answer.. I saw the debub.txt and forgot I turned it on, it's now better ! As for the db-wal, I restarted and changed the sync on debian to read-only as I only use it as a backup storage. I now have a new db-wal, but, is it safe to delete it sometimes ? News problem, since then, my sync cannot be terminated ! I have 9kb unsynced and can't find wich file is causing it ! Is there any method to know wich file cause that ? I already try rebooting all the machines, without success.
  6. Hi, I had two questions.. On debian I'm syncing a folder with approximatly 100K files for 1.6GB My main problem is that the db-wal file associated with that folder is constantly growing and is now at 13GB, wich is very huge for so few files ^^ Had the same problem with sync.log growing at 10GB My question is : Is there a way to flush those files or desactivate them ? I already clear the log file, but have to flush it every week, and don't know if I can touch the db-wal one. Thanks by advance.