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  1. I deleted all the *.db* files, uninstalled Sync (but didn't delete settings) and re-installed. It still crashes on startup, in fact the installer itself crashes. I have several *.dmp files. I've clicked the "send to developer" button at least once, but would it help if I sent them all? How do I send you a few MB of files?
  2. Just reinstalled and updated to 2.2. I get the same error on startup.
  3. The power was cut off from my computer. Ever since then, when Sync starts it crashes immediately. I assume that some sort of status file got corrupted. Any suggestions on how I can get it to start again?
  4. I suspect it was the frenzy of multicast packets on port 3838 that bothered Control4. I see that the network traffic from BTSync is much quieter now. I put one of my computers back onto the Control4 subnet a couple of days ago and everything seems stable. So I think (hope) that this problem is resolved now.
  5. Control4 didn't give me any details and they didn't seem very interested in investigating. They based their conclusion on some log files they collected from my system that I don't have access to. Maybe if Bittorrent contacted Control4 directly the right people could be put together to sort it out. I'd be willing to do experiments on my network to provide data if it's hard to reproduce.
  6. I worked around it rather than resolving it. Bittorrent and Control4 pointed their fingers at each other and it didn't seem like a resolution would come from either of them. So I set up a separate subnet and put all the Bittorrent machines on one subnet and Control4 on the other. That isolates the Bittorrent broadcast traffic (which is voluminous) from Control4. Same principle as putting two fighting children into their own rooms. I suspect I could have also worked around it by turning of Search LAN on all my shared folders.
  7. I'd like a badge on a synced folder (similar to Tortoise SVN) so that I know that the folder is synced. This would prevent accidentally modifying a folder that others depend on. Different badges for readonly versus full access would be good, and to indicate the sync state (syncing or done syncing).
  8. We recently installed a Control4 system on the same network as BTSync. There was problem with Control4 locking up and their analysis is that BTSync is putting bad packets on the network that is causing Control4 to reboot frequently. Is there a known issue with BTSync and Control4?