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  1. I am sorry,I was Wrong, I compared carefully the SYNC folder, I found the files can't be SYNC just some system cache or temporary files sorry my english is broken.
  2. I hope BT SYNC can fix this problem as soon as possible, and hope BT SYNC is becoming better and better.
  3. But,when I use Dropbox to SYNC these files, These files can be SYNC correctly. Can you fix the problem? I want to use BT SYNC to replace DROPBOX, because Dropbox is so expensive.
  4. But there is no program running in drive E, these files are not open/locked/in use or in other applications, And these files are not the protected system files/folders, These files just only some documents,photo,backup files or setup files on drive E:\ IS a BUG?
  5. I want sync all the files in drive E:\, But BT SYNC only add some files in drive E:\, Why BT SYNC can't add all the files in drive E:\? sorry my English is broken!