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  1. Hi all, A great feature of the new BTsync 2 is the ability to see which folders are synced, by way of an icon overlay. It's happening on one of my computers (the one synced TO) but not another (the one synced FROM). Can anyone point me in the direction to fix this? thanks! T
  2. Hi all, I am using BTsync 2 with WIndows 8 and trying to sync the root my drive D, which is a data-only drive (My Docs, etc). Bittorrent sync indexes the folder (drive) then starts syncing, but only syncs two (of the twelve or so) folders inside. I have made IGNORE exceptions for the Recycle Bin, System Volume INformation,etc - but I have not been able to sync the root of a drive, ever - despite what some of the devs have said, whereas it is actually possible. Has anyone had any success in syncing the root of a drive? How did you do it? Help appreciated; thanks! T ps: this topic is also covered, but unresolved, here: http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/27976-root-drive-sync/
  3. Hi again! Annnnd... almost a year later, with Version 2 I am having the same problem: I am trying to sync the root of my D drive and sync just... stops. It reports no problems, but only syncs three folders in my drive. I have excluded the Recycle bin and any pagefiles, System Volume Information,etc but nothing seems to help. Can I sync a root folder / Drive in Sync 2 on Windows 8?
  4. Thank you! Where is this detailed in the documentation? I didn't see a mention of this feature
  5. Hi, Can anyone please point me to the latest QNAP of 1.4? I believe that last build before 2 was 1.4.11. It can be the Linux version, or preferably the QNAP "qpkg" version. Thanks!
  6. HI, Because Sync 2 is so confusing and unintuitive, I've spent the days installing and reinstalling several times on my multiple device network. Fun! Except that now, I have multiple greyed out instances of each computer. How can I delete these?
  7. Hi, Ok so I'm trying desperately to sync folders OUTSIDE of the "Default directory" that sync 2 wants to use. In order to do this, you must select DISCONNECTED at the "New folders from other devices will be" dialog when you install. The problem is: if you have not done that during your initial install, and/or were not aware of the ramifications of such a choice, you CANNOT CHANGE IT without reinstalling. Anyone know why? Am I missing something? I mean, besides the ease of 1.4 ...
  8. Hi, When I click the download link, BTsync links to the x86 version of the download. MY OS is Win7 64 bit. I know there is a 64 bit version (I have installed it manually). Why doesn't sync properly identify the OS? The problem is two parallel installations will be present...
  9. I think this post answers my question: http://forum.bittorrent.com/topic/34454-sync-folders-outside-of-default-folder/ You must sync outside the Default Folder - this was the default in 1.4 and the implementation of 2 did not mention this at all! Any clues as to why?
  10. FYI: this is *so* unintuitive! The default behavior in 1.4 was the opposite (link a folder directly to another folder with no "Master" or "default directory". Why wasn't this made clearer?
  11. Hi, I am trying to manually connect the following folder on my laptop: D:\Music\Music Portfolio to the equivalent location on my Desktop: D:\Music\Music Portfolio When I paste my Key manually and then select CHANGE to change the location, I browse to: D:\Music\Music Portfolio and then hit SELECT FOLDER BTsync subsequently enters the following in the SAVE TO LOCATION field: D:\Music\Music Portfolio\Music Portfolio Why does it do this? Am I misunderstanding the UI? What should I do? thanks,TT
  12. Hi all, So I just connected SYNC running on my NAS (a QNAP) to SYNC that is already running on my Desktop PC (WIN7). When installing, I went thru the regular setup, and all my folders showed up. However, SYNC asked me for the location of a "Default folder." I figured, ok... I'll put the root of my main SYNC folder, where I have all my subdirectories synced. A couple of hours later, I check in - and it's still syncing - and there are duplicated directories. So, I believe I now have: - my laptop syncing to the main directory on my Desktop and NAS - my Desktop syncing to this "Default directory" on my NAS - my NAS syncing to... i don't know where... Why has the behavior changed? I just upgraded, that's all -0 I want to sync folder A to folder A to folder A - I don't need a repository. I want MY DOCUMENTS on all 3 computers Could someone *please point me in a direction to get this clarified?
  13. Ah. That explains the upheaval. But not the shitty decision-making. Too bad - the tech support guys and devs were incredible.
  14. Hi, I have installed BTsync 2 pro on my desktop using Identity 1. I have installed BTsync 2 on my laptop usingIdentity 2 (a different identity) by mistake (the installation procedure is not clear). I would like to have my desktop and laptop be the same user/seat/identity, of course. How can I modify this? Thanks!