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  1. IT WORKS! This is what I did: Tried the x64 glib version without success. Analysis showed that 64 bit libraries were missing Used the i386 version and now it works The aborted sync between iMac and Nas resumed and this morning catalogs are in sync.
  2. [/share/CE_CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/BitTorrentSync] # uname -a Linux QnapXM-1 3.4.6 #1 SMP Wed Oct 23 05:17:04 CST 2013 x86_64 unknown [/share/CE_CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/BitTorrentSync] # Did that before selecting executable. Maybe I should have selected Linux_x64 instead of x64
  3. Got help and tried to install 1.2.92. Downloaded and unpacked btsync_x64 found qnap catalog containing btsync and renamed it to btsync_orig ftp-ed the new version into the catalog changed permissions to reflect orig file Restarted NAS and then btsync from app center Impossible to log in Checked via ssh and app is not running see below [/share/CE_CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/BitTorrentSync] # ls -l -rw-rw-r-- 1 501 502 155 May 29 2013 LICENSE.TXT -rwxrwxr-x 1 501 502 4377720 Mar 19 21:35 btsync* -rw-r--r-- 1 admin administ 1607 Feb 20 15:1
  4. Thank you. Unless there is a guide somewhere on how to update manually I will not have the knowledge or time to that. I liked BTSync and had previously used Wuala. Maybe I must return, account still open /bengt
  5. RomanZ, Sorry I missed your post. I must have missed to refresh the page. The old version may be responsible also for the lock-up problem. Where can I find a later build? My Nas says 1.1.82 is the latest build. /bengt
  6. This may append to previous message although it is a new message 8 hours later. I don't understand this message board but sometimes it merges several messages into one. Anyhow, I have repeated the the lock-up problem and I believe it to be a bug in BTSync. I did the following: 1 I disconnected the iMac, MBAir and both Nas-es from BTSync, 2 I deleted the cataloges on MBAir and both Nas-es 3 Deleted .syncarchive on iMac 4 Created new cataloges on MBAir and local Nas 5 Set up sync in the folling order iMac (which had the files), MBAir and local Nas. About an hour ago BTSync history tab report
  7. Performed the test as described. Older file was restored from Nas to iMac. See word attachment. I had debug logging on the but the two log files (sync.log and sync.log.old )was only covering the last hour or so. Sync took place 4 hours earlier. Then I tried the radical method. described in next post as attachment would not fit here. Then I tried the radical method. On local Nas , remote Nas and mbAir i deleted all files in the BengtData catalog. I realized afterwords that hidden files was not deleted. I removed the catalogs from BTSync and restored them. Synchronization started but a
  8. Thank you! Your answer pointed out how to identify files reverted back to older versions. I should have thought of that myself. .syncarchive on my mac contains the latest version of the files and I can now restore affected files. .syncarchive was empty BEFORE I tried to restart sync and before files were reverted. Unfortunately debug logging was turned off. Nas-es and Macs do see each other. they show up at setup panels. I will make a new attempt to get sync working in a few days and will use the following steps Make a full backup of my iMacDisconnect MBAir from BTsync. The I have a w
  9. My recollection is not 100%, but here is what I remember Sync stopped beginning January. I tried to get it going then by removing/including the both Nas at the time with no success In February I tried again to get sync between the Macs and the two Nas to work. Beween Macs it worked fine and according to the panel on my local Nas the remote Nas was in sync, but there was an arrow, up or down and 56GB for the connection to the Macs. I checked the .cache and .SyncArchive on both Macs and local Nas before disabling. They were empty or had 1 or 2 files. On the setup panel on the local Nas I
  10. Running BT sync on 2 Macs (1.2.82) and 2 Qnap Nas (1.1.82). As reported on this forum before sync suddenly stopped between the Macs and the two Nas. Macs were kept in sync and according to the config screen on the Nas also the two Nas. However, the between macs and Nas no sync took place. A couple of weeks ago I tested to remove the catalogs on the two Nas and then set them up again. Yesterday I found that some files on my Macs had been reverted back to older versions, the versions they had on the Nas. Luckily I have TimeMachine backups on my Mac so I can restore the files I have identifie
  11. I am synchronizing a catalogue on two Macs and one local Qnap TS469L(4.0.5) and one remote TS239 (4.0.3). I just found out that since mid december bittorrent sync from the Macs to the NASes had stopped. Both macs are synched between themselves and both NASes between themselves. Adding or removing a file to either NAS is synched to both Macs. Adding files to either Macs is synched only between the Macs. I have tied to stop and start bittorrent on the NASes and upgraded to 1.1.82-2 without result. All bittorrent clients are r/w. I can of course remove the catalogue on the NASes and set it up a