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  1. Tuxpoldo, great!!! I have verified that the API only affects the binary that is pointed to in the config file. So your standard installations should be untouched. I am using 1.3.67 inside Peers.
  2. Hi tuxpoldo, No, for the sake of staying "stealthy" there's no general information available yet. I'm happy to answer any questions though. The version I would like to test is a Macintosh desktop app which will contain the BTSync app inside the package. Jon
  3. Hello, We are developing a novel app using the Sync API. It's a simple social network designed to help people "keep in touch". Real-world uses for Peers would be, for example: 1. To replace Twitter as a means of disseminating personal messages 2. To conceptually reengineer the "business card" into something "live" 3. To perform the role of "social coordinator" at a new level of proficiency 4. To leverage personal file sharing on a large scale 5. To enable all kinds of private networks where uniform dissemination of information is difficult (schools, companies, etc.) The app is in a very rough stage of development but I would like to try an alpha-test to see how the syncing works. Hopefully the Mac (Apple) version will be in a testable state within a week or so. If you'd be interested in helping out, let me know! Thanks, Jon
  4. I need a call to generate the QR code to sync with a mobile device. I imagine this is on the roadmap - any comments on when it might be available? Thanks!
  5. Hello, is there a way to distribute the BTSync app inside a package such that it can be called via the API without being separately installed on a user's computer/device? Thanks
  6. Hey guys - thanks for the helpful thread. When I use $ /Applications/BitTorrent\\ Sync-config ~/btconfig/config.json in the terminal, it freezes (although the http API does work). I am observing a similar freeze in the development environment (LiveCode 6.5.1) when I issue the same "shell" command. How can I run this in a "background" mode? Or, what am I missing? Thanks in advance, Jon