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  1. is me. I think we have different definitions of port. By official port, I meant it's the the FreeBSD Ports Tree, but you mean port in the more general sense, as in a package maintained by the BitTorrent team.
  2. @PacketMan @RomanZ btsync is in the official FreeBSD ports tree, and I made the request to update the port to v2.0.105, but it hasn't been committed yet.
  3. I the new download scheme a permanent change? I was to see if I should change it in the FreeBSD port. Thanks
  4. @koloman yeah, download the version 1.4 PBI from and never click update on the plugin's entry on the Plugin > Installed tab.
  5. I'm waiting on this to be fixed to update the FreeBSD port and FreeNAS plugin. Thanks
  6. @RomanZ yup I knew about that one, just forgot to mention it. OK I may try updating the freenas plugin then
  7. Has anything changed when compared to the advanced settings documented here?
  8. @RomanZ what is the default value of config_save_interval? I am the maintainer of the FreeBSD port and FreeNAS plugin and want to make sure we set it correctly by default. Thanks
  9. I have installed btsync 100's of times while developing my btsync plugin for FreeNAS. I noticed a bug where the WebUI doesn't always show on a fresh install. The below are in the log when the WebUI isn't showing. UPnP: Could not map UPnP Port on this pass, retrying.UPnP: Unable to map port with UPnP.Once the below shows up in the log the WebUI starts working. NAT-PMP: Mapped TCP port 28721 -> Mapped UDP port 28721 -> Got external IP: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXXMy router/firewall is PfSense and I can see from its "UPnP & NAT-PMP Status" that the ports are mapped in all cases so I don't believe the router is the issue.
  10. I am getting the below errors in the log when starting btsync on FreeBSD and FreeNAS. I wrote a btsync plugin for FreeNAS and just noticed this when testing advanced options. It doesn't seem to effect functionality though I presume send and receive buffer sizes aren't being changed accordingly. [20140112 16:00:45.738] UDP setsockopt(SO_RCVBUF, 2097152) failed: 55[20140112 16:00:45.738] UDP setsockopt(SO_SNDBUF, 2097152) failed: 55To rule out permissions, virtual environments, and maximum system values, I did the following test. I ran btsync as root on a host FreeBSD system (not in a jail). FreeBSD 9.2's default kern.ipc.maxsockbuf is 2097152. In the config I set 1MB send and receive buffers.. "recv_buf_size" : 1,"send_buf_size" : 1,A always get the above errors whether or not I.. set the send/receive buffers low, high, or don't set themrun as root or as an unprivileged userrun in a jail or on a host system