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  1. Romanz, Thank you for your reply. I've tried the disk access priority but that didn't seem to help. I think the issue we have here is the fact that btsync doesn't use TCP and it's being careful about the bandwidth. I think in future revisions a mode to make it more aggressive would be fantastic and adding TCP support would definitely speed things up (although introduce other things to worry about). I will keep it on my server and update it periodically to check how the progress is coming, as of this latest release it's just not adequate for the large amount of files I'm transferring between peers.
  2. The only peer I'm connecting to can max my connection via FTP and SFTP, so that's definitely not it. Btsync states I'm directly connected and with regular bit torrent I can saturate my connection just fine. I definitely don't think I have a bandwidth issue here, but I could be missing something. The peer is not local and is over the WAN, beyond my firewall, although UPNP is working and the ports are open as I've tested that Thanks for your response!
  3. I may not be 100% up on everything network related, but I know that when I download a torrent from a legitimate site (linux distro per say) I can max out my 30megabit connection. when I FTP with multiple threads I can also usually max out my connection and when I use HTTPS I have no issues maxing out my connection. I was excited to install btsync on a linux box that I currently SFTP into in order to retrieve files, and although the program install and setup was a breeze, it's just too slow to transfer large files on a daily basis with. I'm maxing out at 300kB (kilobytes) and I see the occasional burst to 700 or 800kB, but nothing more or steady. Is it that the protocol, being adaptive as it is, is not aggressive enough? Could there be an aggressive mode in the future or something to that nature? It would be extremely helpful to be able to download faster than I'm currently able to and really make this program shine.
  4. I too have this issue where it seems as though my speed is being limited by btsync and nothing else. It's a shame because I would like to be able to set my own speed limits, but it seems that the protocol they are using is not aggressive enough in grabbing bandwidth from the source and instead is meant for more consistent throughput at a lower speed. Kind of like an intelligent UTP connection that doesn't disturb the the connection or bog anything down. This actually works okay, but should be optional. In some cases where I'm syncing movies, etc like in the advertisement clip on the front page I wouldn't want to wait 5 days for it to upload...would I?
  5. I too am having this same issue. Segmented FTP and SFTP downloads from my server max out my 30megabit connection, but btsync only gives me the occasional 300+kilobytes burst. Usually it sits about about 250kB/s. The convenience of this program is fantastic, but I wonder how we can make it more efficient? I know when I use bittorrent I do not experience this issue as I can usually max my connection without a problem. This program is fantastic though! I really want to continue using it and the fact that it's downloading ALL the time will probably make it easier to digest as I usually queue up downloads at night or in the morning using SFTP, so this may prove to be just as fast. Regardless though it would be nice to put the speed on this. I have tried all the tweaks recommended in the forums for changing advanced settings (restarting the application after of course) and nothing have given me any significant increase in WAN download speed. The speed of my server isn't the issue here, nor is this a Raspi or any other low powered device.