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  1. I would think it would be cool to have te option to automatically remove sync pair from btsync after a given time/date. Scenario: you want to share something so make a config for that person. But you also want a clean btsync mappings. So you're mapped folder will unmap after given period/date. (maybe with option to delete local files).... cool right? Go BTSync !
  2. Selective sync: for me it would be sync/send a single file using BitTorrentSync without having to move/copy that single file into a mapped folder.
  3. Great. I will do that Keep it up, BT !
  4. Hi, Can you sync/send a single file using BitTorrent without having to move/copy that single file into a mapped folder? This would be a nice feature ( so I don't need) yousendit, wesendit or similar services) It would be even more nice to have the file available for let's say 2 weeks and then it gets automatically removed from the BTSync. Annyone idea if this is already implemented or should I post in features? Regards spannow
  5. thanks! So it is like a voucher that is valid for 24 hours. It can be activated multiple times during that 24 hours, after that it expires. But when you're in, you're in. (even after those 24 hours) Nice option when you want to share, but you want to make sure that your key is not distributed without your knowledge.
  6. -thanks -thanks - I tried to say:A has RW, and B has RW, and C has RW, Now A wants to change that B has only R. Currently, A needs to generate new RW key and send it to C again to keep him as RW and to keep B out of RW. (B receives R-only key) -cool -thanks -thanks Thank you alot!! Do you maybe know if something like that is on the roadmap? ow, come to think of this. If I use predifined host in a folder pair on B and C, I need to have a fixed port on A (100% device) am I right? Device A is behind router with port mappings etc.
  7. using windows? Open BTSync program -> Right click on a shared folder (that you had added or you should add first a folder) -> copy secret or Show folder properties
  8. hi I have searched for below questions/posiblities, but I'd like to have it clear so here it goes again... Let's say there are 3 devices using BTSync. A is the 'server' a NAS. and a device B and C. As the admin of the device A I would like to share files and stay in control. - is it possible to unlink/disallow a folder from device B after you initially have send a 'secret'. - is it possible to make sure that only B is allowed, and not someone that intercepts the secret (or got it forwared from an evil person ) - is it possible to change write access as admin of device A to read only for device B (and keep device C as read write without having to send a new 'secret' to C) - Am I correct to say: to use only your own connections you should set folder preferences to: NOT use relay trackers. NOT use tracker server USE a predifined host (add your own 100% device A adress here) -Additional question 1, which port is default? or howto change port for BTSync -Additional question 2, how to be your own tracker, or am I missing that if you use predifined host, that host IS your private tracker. Hopefully someone is so good to help me getting things clear. BTSync is the future