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  1.    I will try n exlain what I know about bitsync so far and then you correct me. I wanted an alternative to drobpox. Why? Coz Dropbox has limited storage. What I want is to to simply store my data to a online storage so that I can copy it back when necessary. There is no question of a 2nd computer or any kind of mobile device in my case. As I mentioned before I just want to store my data to cloud. Problem is when I add any folder "Connected devices and status" area displays nothing. Is Btsync limited to only LAN ? Did I misunderstood the usage of Btsync ?
  2. Hi I followed instructions from here >>>> I added the PPA, installed bitsync as instructed. Finally I added a folder with some files on it to test it the sync is working but problem is no syncing is taking place. I waited for 1/2 hour but nothing happened. I have only one PC. I want to use Bit sync to save my data in case of a HDD failure so I dont even need any other device to sync my files or folders. Please reply.