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  1. running archlinux, considering swap too, however I have read, that too many writes on sd card are also not very efficient. One of my synced folders have over 130000 files and there are also aften some changes - I will try to reduce it. Thanks for ideas!
  2. Thanks for ideas - well there are some folders with huge amount of small files. I sync 5 folders only, but with considerable amount of files. I will try to experiment a bit and will see
  3. hello, I setup btsync on my rapsberrypi model B, added some overclocking, serving as one way backup server with external disk. Unfortunately btsync is eating all my cpu, even during time there is nothing to sycnhronize. I know raspberry is not very strong machine, however I wouldn't expect so bad performance with btsync. I read the manual and set all the properties refering somehow to performance. I even tried to send logs to /dev/null to prevent btsync write on sdcard too often. But nothing really helped. Using btsync 1.2.82 from AUR. Here is the config file and service script: /usr/bin/btsync --config /home/pi/.config/btsync/btsync.conf --nodaemon "storage_path" : "/mnt/backup/.btsyncStorage", "check_for_updates" : false, "use_upnp" : false, // use UPnP for port mapping "disk_low_priority": true, "lan_encrypt_data": false, "folder_rescan_interval": 1800, "lan_use_tcp": true,