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  1. I haven't updated the script to be modern (I admit, I haven't been enthused lately to use btsync on Linux). Definitely feel free to go ahead and edit the script and repost. In fact, if you do modify the script, I would also appreciate if you sent me a pull request on GitHub to incorporate any changes you make into my original script.
  2. Thanks guys for your feedback! JimH44, thanks for your suggestion. I used Ketarin for a long time, but I never really pieced together how people used it to check versions of programs on the web. Now that you mention this process, it seems obvious . I myself am still coming to grips with regular expressions, so the pattern recognition you've given helps tremendously... In any case, I've implemented your idea in my script, and updated it on github. I did end up using wget to snag a copy of the html, and used your one-line perl script to dump the version number into the URL (pretty much the
  3. BTSync Installer Script for Linux I'm posting here an installer script for Bittorrent Sync for linux. There are several out there, but this one was created for a few specific reasons: This script would work on multiple linux distros. Packages have been made for debian/ubuntu by tuxpoldo, however there isn't a very good solution for Fedora, OpenSUSE (I believe an rpm exists for OpenSUSE, but I can't remember for sure), or other distros.No automatic solution currently creates a systemd service for autmomatically starting BTSync on startup.Few solutions allows for an easy install, uninstall, or u