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  1. sorry for the confusion, I realize the original post was on a Synology NAS; my response was that I am seeing the same thing on both a FreeNAS and an UNRAID NAS setup. In my UNRAID setup, I have Resilio Sync running in a docker container and it will be transferring in speeds well below 1M/s; but after I restart the container it will immediately starts executing at speeds above 10M/s. Over time it decreases back to under 1M/s until another restart. It operates just like software with a memory leak that will gradually start using more and more memory until a software reset (but in this case it'
  2. I am running a relatively small UNRAID NAS server, 8T volume (5x2T). The server has 16G of RAM which should be more than enough.
  3. I am so glad that I am not the only one seeing this issue. I have seen this exact situation happen in both FreeNAS (plugin) and UNRAID (docker). I have tried many "fixes" with no luck as of yet. I will update if I am able to find any solution but in the meantime I really hope someone already has one.