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  1. 1 minute ago, farrsight said:

    You have 16gb of ram in your Synology? Which synology?

    sorry for the confusion, I realize the original post was on a Synology NAS; my response was that I am seeing the same thing on both a FreeNAS and an UNRAID NAS setup.  In my UNRAID setup, I have Resilio Sync running in a docker container and it will be transferring in speeds well below 1M/s; but after I restart the container it will immediately starts executing at speeds above 10M/s.  Over time it decreases back to under 1M/s until another restart. It operates just like software with a memory leak that will gradually start using more and more memory until a software reset (but in this case it's a bandwidth leak...)

  2. Ok, 2 windows 7 computers on same LAN. I want only one to sync outside the LAN and the other to sync just from the 1st. The 2nd computer has all folder options turned off and host is set to point to he 1st.

    2nd computer still syncs with all other computers on that folder. Can anyone point to what I am doing wrong?

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