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  1. Hi, No posts for quite sometime on this topic?! I too have this problem from WIndows 8.0 to android 4.1.2 (samsung) I've checked for - 1. Files to be ignored - none added to the list 2. Files locked - none, its a backup being synced 3. Funny characters in filename - none 4. Long file names - max length is 47 5. No error messages in sync.log ON windows I have junctioned relevant directories into a single directory - this directory is permanently synced across both devices. This is a killer problem - if I can't trust the software to sync completely then I have to perforce stop using it completely. Please take care of this problem!
  2. HI, I am primarily using SyncApp between my laptop and my phone as an experiment.at present. Its nice, but is a work in progress. Couple of requests - 1. VERY IMPORTANT - In light of the problems when ALL files do not get synced (which I also have) - a method of indicating which files are NOT synced is critically needed. This is urgent else the application cannot be trusted and that is a disaster for all. 2. I ditto on the need to use VSS on Windows. 3. Also ditto only syncing those blocks that have changed - may not be possible in a light weight client but then the next point becomes very important. 4. IMPORTANT - Prioritisation of files or directories being selected for synced - a simple high, medium or low flag would be very useful. This could be done as bandwidth priority and/or a sequence priority for chunks - H M H M H L for example and/ or a latency delay - H could be immediate, M every 10 min and L every 1 hour - I leave it up to you guys. 5. Conflict resolution UI in case of a file having been modified on both devices separately since last sync. 6. IMPORTANT - For the Android App - a) A help file for android app - what are send and backup tabs for? A method of highlighting activites taking place in the app as well as bandwidth utilisation (cumulative and instant) c) Prioritisation and conflict resolution as given above. Keep up the nice work, Guys! TIA