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  1. I've made a simple test. In two raspberrypi I've created new folders, with those Secrets: Folder 1: 4ycjeNDrc7d16RK7GQOp1j55c3PhxSm9KHg0TqScGvEsOFarLXuf6BsJ1uoTU7SlzcGwThL5LOTrfCTUM0gdHUcq3zqCVfJUJekSzyUh0JEht0KDvLJ3MIBPHdqc6UMu9zFWJ42PL3C0NUCe60QyvIxPYgQFw7gJ9vBSuE and Folder 2: 4ycjeNDrc7d16RK7GQOp1j55c3PhxSm9KHg0TqScGvEsOFarLXuf6BsJ1uoTU7SlzcGwThL5LOTrfCTUM0gdHUcq3zqCVfJUJekSzyUh0JEht0KDvLJ3MIBPHdqc6UMu9zFWJ42PL3C0NUCe60QyvIxPYgQFw7gJ9vBSuF The only difference is the last char (one with an E and the other with an F). Why those contents are synchronizing? Folder1 with Folder2?
  2. First of all, I have to say that I'm very happy with this solution, as IT Admin, it's a product that fits really fine with my needs. Well, let's start with the problem: I'm very concerned about security of my documents, and I've been reading all posts about btsync security (encryption strength, relay server, tracker ...) and I've been creating my own security keys, making them a bit longer. As fas as I can create a long key (using /dev/random) the security problem is solved, and I know that the secret that btsync generates is very secure and I don't have sensitive data that justify the e