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  1. My shared files stopped syncing suddenly on my two Windows 10 pro systems (desktop and laptop). When I checked the Sync Business dialogue box on both systems the message reads: "You don't have any shared files"! Excuse me, but WTF!? I showed up today for a critical presentation without my material that I had worked on into the wee hours of the night before! Does anyone know what's going on? Thank you
  2. Great Marko, Thanks very much! I knew it had to be something very simple. Grateful for the nomenclature instructions, Tom
  3. Alpha Tester, Thanks so much for your response. I've tried everything so far, including this. But to answer your specific recommendation, I checked again to confirm my earlier efforts. Following the old adage, "it's not what you don't know that gets you, it's what you know that isn't true!" When I right click the BitSync tray icon only two options appear: - BitTorrent icon followed by the words 'BitTorrent Sync' - pin icon followed by the words.'unpin this program from the task bar" Checking the Task Manager confirms that BtSync.exe is running What do you recommend next. Does BitTorrent itself need to be running? I checked this as well, but am glad to check again. Any help or suggestions are welcome. This can't be as hard as it seems, so I know I'm missing something! Appreciatively, Tom
  4. How do I turn on BitSync logging to debug corrupted files transferred between Windows computers? Environment: Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit syncing with Windows 7 Pro 64bit over private LAN. Files that are synced between the Win7 system and the Win 8.1 system are sometimes corrupt and can't be opened. Noteworthy that it has been failing regularty for a couple of weeks, but I just tested it and everything worked perfectly!!! Go figure! Support requested me to turn on logging when it's happening and send the logs to them. I agree that this is the only way to debug however I don't know how to do this. I've scoured the website, read the entire BitSync users guide, searched the BitSync forum, and sent my inquiry to support. But alas, I can't find the answer as to how to turn on logging. Since they told me the file name of the log files I'm sure I can find them once they are created. This can't be this difficult and I must be overlooking something very simple - but no matter, I'm still stuck! Please help! Thanks in advance.... tom