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  1. Hi there I'm trying to move from using SugarSync to using BitTorrent sync. I'm running the client on my local machine, and using the guide here. It was all very easily to set up, I'm very impressed I've got a question about how read-only syncing works though. I've tried syncing a folder from my PC to my laptop. I then added this folder to the server - only as a read-only folder, as I saw no need to let my backup server change my files. Then I tried syncing with the server, with my PC turned off and my laptop turned on, and vice versa - i.e. so that only the server and one client was ever active at a time. It was then I noticed that BitTorrent Sync has a very nice feature: If you create/edit a file on one client, and it gets synced to the read-only server, when the other client comes online it will download and apply the change. To be honest this a pretty great feature; it means I can make changes between my laptop and my PC without needing to make sure that they're both turned on at the same time. However I am a bit nervous as I have searched Google/the forums and read the User Manual, and I can't see this clearly documented anywhere. I assume it's secure, and uses a checksum generated from the file and the full-access code to ensure that a read-only server can't make a change by itself..?