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  1. Yes and No. First I'm expecting to see the current product be more reliable. Today I think it's mostly syncing correctly, but the displays don't reflect that. I have folders that never show a green check, they just show a blue circle and 100%. What's with that? Then, this product needs a real GUI. This product is targeted at non-commercial users, but the UI can never be figured out by someone who isn't technically inclined. I never recommend this product to anyone who is not a techie because I don't want to have to hold their hand, verify correct setup, etc. The home market is
  2. Imagine a GUI where your various devices are graphically presented and the syncing behaviors between them are created and displayed as the lines between them. The lines could be styled to reflect the various syncing options that are currently set in a textual preferences dialog. The goal with UI is to be good, very good, excellent; not just better than something that is bad.
  3. What this product needs is a GUI. The syncing setup is a nightmare for anyone but the most dedicated techies (in which I include myself). A year without an update is too long, clearly the product is being neglected which creates a vicious cycle of no support, no new customers, no new revenue, no support...
  4. First, not obvious to find the Sync button. I eventually discovered that pressing and holding on "B" would bring up the select circle and then the Sync at the bottom of the window. Second, while this is better than manually syncing each file, it's still manual. That said, deletes did sync automatically. I believe the behavior is such that if I want a sub-folder to Sync and not Selective Sync, I have to share it separately. The old deleted files cleared out and I'm unable to reproduce it at this time. If it recurs, I'll tun on debug and capture the log. Thank you for the
  5. 1) Here is the folder structure: A on the Mac has Selective Sync OFF and is shared. B is contained within A. A on the iPad has Selective Sync ON. B on the iPad has no options for Selective Sync, I guess you're telling me that it inherits OFF from the iPad parent? So folder B would have to be shared separately and then set to Selective Sync OFF on the iPad? 2) The Permissions on both platforms are Owner for all folders.
  6. I have several folders on my Mac that I want synced to iOS devices. The first time I set the folder to sync, it works fine. Subsequently when I open Sync, it will list files, but not have synced them to my iPad. On the Mac side, it reports that's it's synced. 1) If I click on an individual file, it will transfer/sync that file. The problem is that it doesn't automatically sync the whole folder, even though the folder is "synced". If I Clear the folder, then Sync it, then it syncs them all, but it's had to download all files again. 2) The opposite problem is that files that were
  7. iOS 11 uses a .HEIC format for photos which is not compatible with most systems. This has rendered the photo backup in Sync for iOS essentially unusable. Unfortunate because I normally use it to transfer photos to my computer. However, there is a setting in the iOS Photos app to optionally convert the image(s) to .jpg whenever an image is transferred to a Mac or PC. Sync needs to access that setting and convert to .jpg as specified by the user.
  8. When I travel I frequently use OpenVPN for security. But as soon as I establish a VPN connection, my peers disappear. Do I really have to choose between a secure connection and syncing my files, or is there some solution to this dilemma?
  9. I wanted to be able to edit my photos, or delete them, and have the changes propagate to my other computers. But I didn't want to have to copy them from the Sync backup folder to another folder every time. On a Mac, I used a folder action in Automator to transfer all the images from the read-only backup folder to a standard folder so that they, and any changes I make, propagate to my other devices. But I'd still like the option to have the "backup" folder be read-write and to have the actions on any device propagate to the others, including the phone. It would be a very nice way to
  10. Resilio is the proxy server that finds your peers.
  11. That's not what we're asking for. I want to be able to send a link to someone who doesn't use Resilio. Ok, so maybe it's hard to do, but really really useful! You guys are smart, write tight code and makes things work very fast. You can figure this out!
  12. My wife has a Mac laptop. She uses Sync Pro to access files on her Mac from her phone or iPad. It's one way, strictly read only on the iPad and iPhone. There are a variety of placeholder files with suffixes of .rslsi and .rslsc on her Mac. Why have these appeared and what can be done to clean them out as they create a lot of confusion for her.
  13. I checked back the day after your post and it had synced. Not sure what took so long, but it did recover.
  14. I use Sync to sync a 150GB folder of photos between a desktop and laptop. This has been working very smoothly. Last week I mad a bunch of changes and additions on the desktop and at the same time I was temporarily short of storage on the laptop. I didn't notice any problem until I went on the road and realized my photos folder was missing a lot of new additions. There was never an indication of an error or problem. I freed up plenty of storage on my laptop, disconnected the folder, but did not delete the contents on the laptop. I reconnected the folder, watched it index, then sync, but t
  15. The feature comparison chart now shows that individual pro users DO NOT receive priority support. What's with that? Did they just get us to identify ourselves as individual users so they could lower our support level?