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  1. Thanks GreatMarko for your patience and advice -- following your advice to the letter, BT Sync now disturbs my network far less.
  2. Well, my problem is that upon launching BT Sync 1.2.82 my network screeches to an halt. Although BT Sync shows healthy up and down transfer speeds, none of the other devices can use the network. While I do not have any technical diagnostics to prove this behavior, it seems clear to me that it is most certainly BT Sync causing my network problems -- when I quit BT Sync my network quickly goes back to normal. Furthermore, these problems seemed to have began immediately following the update. As with most software (especially betas), I think it's reasonable to provide past builds. I'm having these issues and I'd like to see if the issue is present is past versions as well or if it is something specific to 1.2.82. Cheers, Mitch
  3. I'm having severe issues using the latest build (1.2.82) of BitTorrent Sync on my Mac running OS 10.6.8. Is it possible for me to download a previous version of the application? Thanks, Mitch