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  1. I recently moved from 1.4.x to 2.2.x version of BTsync. I had several issues with upgrades and I decided to uninstall old version and install new one and re-add all shares. What I see for few folders is that BTsync recognizes itself as a source and often more than once. See attached one example. Sometimes it even shows a list of files to upload (or download) which basically contains the whole folder. How can I avoid that? Thanks Nicola
  2. I oppose this suggestion, since sequential reading is way faster than random reads. Having parallel hashing would impact badly performance. Not to forget that disk I/O on low-end machines has also impact on CPU usage.
  3. Any news on this? I'm facing the same issue when trying to synchronize audio files
  4. thanks, I've also found it out. Do you know where files are sync'ed? I was not asked for any location (not that I noticed, at least)
  5. All, I just bought a Windows Phone and I want to install Bittorrent Sync on it. I see on the Store only the 2.0.x version, but the rest of my installation is based on 1.4 (I have a central "repository" for my family with 20+ folders). Do you know where I can find an installer for 1.4 version? Thanks Nicola
  6. I've been experiencing the same issue. Looking at the task manager, I saw "burst" of transfers at max speed intermitted by no-transfers. I solved increasing the buffer (send and receive) from 10 to 100.
  7. This works, but is it also expected to reset to default zoom every time I close and reopen the interface (without restarting the app)?
  8. Well, then it means I can't do it, since not all my peers can be accessed.
  9. Will this actually work? I switch on my laptop every day, so it will contact them daily. Furthermore, do I have to set this on all 3 peers? I connect from within a corporate network, so I guess my IP is fixed.
  10. Hi, by different state I meant my peers are in Italy and Netherlands while I'm in Greece now (since 2 days already). As you can see in the screenshot, the folder synced last time this morning, despite me having restarted my laptop 2-3 times in the last 2 days. Nicola
  11. Hello! I have gone through this some time ago and managed to get this working on BTsync 1.3. Since when I moved to 1.4, though, I'm having again problems. All my peers have windows and bt 1.4. I see peers connected (and actually syncing) even if I'm in a completely different state. Restarting BTsync doesn't help. How can I solve this? I'm on a mobile connection and I only want a couple of folders to sync, not all of them. Thanks Nicola
  12. Hi, I see a weird behaviour in my setup. I am synchronizing files between 3 computer. The source pc (A) where original file are is connected via internet (with slow upload speed) to the other PCs the two receiver (B and C) are in the same LAN. What happens is: A transfers the same files twice (once for each dest PC) wasting way too much time (consider I'm transferring 10 to 20 GB over a 640Kbit line) but B and C don't share their part with each other. The receivers show they have data to upload or download from each other but don't transfer anything. Restarting BTSync on B (I don't have control over C) triggers the transfer of data between B and C until all available data is shared. At this point they only use A as source and never resume the sync between themselves (unless I restart BTSync again). This is really annoying because it almost doubles the amount ot time needed to send files. EDIT: I have to correct. I have checked on B and it shows it only has data to upload but it is unaware of data to be received (until restart). I guess the same happens on C (but I can't check) I have attached what I see on B after leaving it running for ~1 h (line 1 is C, line 2 is A) and what I see after restarting BTSync. Nicola
  13. Hi, I have the same problem described here. PLUS: I have upgraded to 1.3 on one of my machines and, after switching on another (still on 1.2.91) the speed over wifi was good (30Mb/s) Once I have upgraded the second to 1.3, the speed has dropped to around 0,5Mb/s. From a quick test, it seems the synchronization is not happening over the internet, but... EDIT: I found the reason. On the first laptop I had configured max upload speed AND rate_limit_local_peers=false. Previously it was not affecting the speed over LAN (though I never tested the WAN) but now it seems broken. PLUS: in the tab "devices" shares keep on disappearing/reappearing (though some shares on the same laptop still remain visible while other misbehave) PLUS: some folders now show some old files as "to be synched". And for some files I know for sure that it's impossible (I'm referring to photos backup, which I shared with another computer where I watched them and never modified) PLUS: it keeps on crashing on two of my computers!!! All in all, this version seems a big step backward in terms of stability. I think you should pull it back. Nicola
  14. Hi! I also have the same. I have tryed to sync a folder which has around 1.8GB of data, with a R/W secret. I also have 2copies of the folder with a R/O secretwhich contain the exact same amount of files and with same size. The folder with R/W shows it has 3.1GB and wants to upload 1.3GB. Everything stays still, though. I've tried this: - close Sync on both the R/O computer - remove the folder from R/W computer - restart R/W computer - add the folder again to R/W computer --> the folder shows correct size and number of files - restart any of the R/O computer --> the R/W computer "discovers" the new files and goes to the previous stupid state Nicola