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  1. Hi. For some time I have used SugarSync to keep some files syncronized with a few other users. But I am looking to find a alternative to these solutions like SugarSync and Wuala (I have been considering Wuala as replacement for SugarSync, since SugarSync is going to be paid). What I liked very much with Sugarsync and Wuala, is that you don't need to install a "Dropbox" folder - but you can choose among your existing files and folders (in Wuala only on folder level), to syncronize - within your existing file and folder structure. This I want. I also like the princip in Wuala of making groups, for each 2-way syncronizing job. This feature I like too. 2-way syncronizing between two different users, must be as easy as possible to set up. Does BTSync have these features?? Is BTSync free?? Do you need a BTSync server and a BTSync Client installation? Best regards, Thorvald.