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  1. What is this solution 'sync.io'? I tried researching it but couldn't find anything.
  2. Sounds very good. I can see the potential of this, and even though you can technically do this using something like Dropbox, the big difference is you would have control of where the data is, and you know where it sits at all time. Now I may have missed something but I am assuming using the BTSync GUI, you can see which files have been seeded to which computers, correct? Additionally can you please post the link here, when you put it on GitHub? I wouldn't mind seeing what I can possibly do with this coding.
  3. Can you please right click on the files that have a lock and check the permissions? Either that or open up a terminal window (Ctrl + Alt + t) and navigate to the folder and use the command "ls -la" The options "la" will show all the files (Including hidden) and also list the owner, group, and permissions for the files. You might need to change the ownership.