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  1. Running 1.3.86 for a while now. Indeed the file handles issue disappeared. Great!
  2. @firefishy: thanks for the ulimit suggestion. Unfortunately I couldn't (easily) get it to work on Debian 7. @RomanZ: great you're already working on a fix! However, I really want to be able to trust my precious files to btsync. If other users mention files disappearing or getting overwritten by older revisions, combined with my own experience with the open files issue, I'm getting worried. Can you tell us anything to give us some peace of mind? For example, do the developers have a good regression testing suite? ps. I should add that I'm very happy you do support Linux.
  3. I guess btsync is leaking file handles somewhere (files not getting closed)...
  4. I seem to be having a problem similar to knireis'. The web interface says 'Don't have permissions to write to the selected folder.' In the log if find hundreds of the following messages: TorrentFile: Failed to create empty suffix for file "path/to/file" - 24 SyncFilesController: failed to load torrent for file "path/to/file" Error opening "path/to/file.!sync": 24 Error: path/to/file - WriteToDisk: Too many open files Edit: like knireis (below), I also have the following log lines: SyncDb: failed to execute query to save file info - 1 Failed file save: /path/to/.sync/sync.dat.new Bittorrent Sync 1.3.80 @ Debian 7 Wheezy
  5. About having two shared folders with the same name: I don't think it's the best idea to add an option like 'View > Show full paths' or similar. It should do the right thing automatically. Proposal: Stick with the new foldername-only display, but automatically switch to full path display if two shares have the same name. Example: { /home/John/shared_pictures, /home/Jane/shared_docs } displays asshared_picturesshared_docs{ /home/John/shared, /home/Jane/shared } displays as (for example)'shared' in /home/John'shared' in /home/JaneWhat do you think?
  6. I'm currently doing a sync of flac and other files. All files are transferred at very high speed, but the flac files are transferred at speeds up to 15 kB/s only. The flac and other files are transferred in mixed order; it is not the case that my transfer speed has dropped over time and I'm just happening to be transferring flac files right now. Anyone knows what's going on? Bittorrent Sync 1.2.82 @ Windows 8.1 at one end and 1.2.82 @ Debian 7 at the other. Direct connection (double arrow symbol, no cloud symbol).