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  1. Hi RomanZ, Does the new version on BTSync have this extended debugging?
  2. Thanks for the follow up. I'll definitely do some testing and provide the debug files once the new version is ready. I use linux x64 and windows so I'll need versions for both.
  3. crazyk4952, That doesn't look so bad. Looks like you averaged 464 KB/s. And for clarity sake... when you said syncing between 2 peers does that mean a sync between 2 computers or 3 computers? Here's a graph of the test transfer i did with 100 3MB files. This is a three way sync (A is syncing to B and C) Here's a snapshot of the router page during the above transfer at one of the two computers (the other one is behind a pfSense router/firewall and i couldn't find a similar status page) I don't think I'm maxing out the amount of connections. Would tweaking the UDP timeout settings help?
  4. Ok so I did another quick test and I do not think it is an ISP throttling issue. This fast/slow pattern only happens when multiple locations are syncing at the same time. I can sync any two computers in any combination (i.e. A to B, or A to C or B to C) and btsync speeds are constant. When I add in the third computer (A syncs to B and C) the fast/slow issue starts happening so it has to be something with BTSync and how it handles this scenario.
  5. Isn't testing with a bunch of small files a different scenario since BTsync probably isn't breaking those files up into separate segments/blocks/pieces since they're so small? I know that when I have a folder with 75 zip files, each around 50MB, the slow/fast pattern occurs. Could this be an ISP throttling issue? I'm pretty sure I noticed the same pattern when I setup a private bittorrent tracker to share a file between my two windows computers. If so, how do I get around it? I need to do some more testing and report back. Also from what I noticed, BTSync will not download more than one file per folder. If I add one new folder with 50 files it will only sync one file at a time. If I add two or more folders then BTSync will download multiple files at the same time but still only one file per folder.
  6. Hi, I signed up to the forums just to reply to this thread and let you know that I am experiencing the same issue. I have 3 clients synching: Linux x64 running 1.2.82 Windows 8 x86 running 1.2.82 Windows 7 x64 running 1.2.82 Files are added on the linux client and simultaneously synched to the two windows clients. The download speeds on the windows clients match the pattern OP is seeing. I don't think I see this fast/slow pattern when only one windows client is synching with the linux client. (i.e. i have three folders on the linux client A Only B Only A+B. I can't double check now as I have a sync in progress but it is currenlty doing the fast/slow pattern because I am syncing to both windows clients. The windows clients are on the same ISP (Comcast) and within 20 miles of each other. The linux client is hundreds of miles away. My guess is has to do with some calculations on the next block to download and each client needs to figure out where to download it from. I wonder how adding sync client compounds this issue?