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  1. Yes I realize that, it felt a bit wrong doing so actually. Like I knew I was doing something I wasn't suppose to do, something that would cause small headaches . However this time it worked out. I got a separate hard drive on my computer for work related stuff and already mapped up and everything so I didn't want to have to change the paths in all the programs accessing the folders.
  2. I did, well I thought I did. Then I had another look and realized it was my recycle bin that was also being synced, that's why the search didn't gave me any results I guess. I added it to the ignorelist and everything is good, perhaps $RECYCLE_BIN should be in the ignorelist by default? Thank you for a quick reply.
  3. 19 files (14 KB) to peer name $I47KHZ7 $I73C76Z $I7RTIOM ............. I got these files in my queue, by the looks of it I guess they are temporary files of some sort and when I search for them they no longer exists on the drive being synced. How do I get rid of these files from the queue?
  4. I just bought a new laptop which I am trying to link to my account. If I try and link it by scanning the QR code with my mobile it tries for a while then fails without much information. If I try and add it manually I get the error message that it can't be added while there is a device that is more than 10 minutes off on server time or something like that, the time is correct on all devices so I don't understand that error message. I tried linking other devices and that went fine. I also tried reinstalling btsync and disabling the firewall but nothing worked. Any ideas?
  5. Since there are no keys, there are no keys to be left in your clipboard or emailed to the wrong person. When you share a link you can specify when the link will expire, how many times the link can be used and that you want to approve all new peers before they can connect. So if you use these options correctly you can send the link over unsafe communications and still be safe. I would say it's a great security improving feature. I understand your concern about the 1.4 folder types, it isn't a dealbreaker for me but I also think it might be for others. Well, did you create a 2.0 or a 1.4 fo
  6. Yeah that's what I thought as well. Just wondered about the feature "Peers I invite must be approved on this device", I misread it a bit. I guess it is used for when you want to share a a folder over unsecure media. So if you tick the box and for example email the link to a friend and then you have to approve them and then they get the secret?
  7. Thanks for the answers! To clarify, I have control over the 5 units. I just wondering if it was possible on unit 1 to allow sharing to 2,3,4,5 only and on unit 2 allow sharing to 1,3,4,5 and so on, also if it where possible with the config file. Thought of is as a additional safety in case I got sloppy with how I handle the secrets. But I guess from your answer that this is not how it works. Can I read somewhere what the feature does?
  8. Hi, Just have some questions about approved peers so I understand how it works. It's a unit based setting right? I mean if I have 5 units I need to enable the setting on all devices to make sure no content is being shared to anyone else? Can these approved peers be specified in the config file using the username or device name? Thanks!
  9. Even more sorry to revive a even older thread but thought I could help someone who had security concerns. At first I was a bit skeptical about the security but that was only because I didn't quite understand it, I have been reading up everywhere it seems like and finally I am completely comfortable using the generated btsync secret for anything I want to sync. The first thing I think confuses people that are new (like me) to how secrets work are that they look pretty short and simple. They are thinking, that's not very secure is it. Well it is.... On page two in this thread there are some
  10. Hi, I just noticed my upload speed to be very slow so I did a couple of bandwidth tests. On the unit the files currently are I get around 50 mbit upload speed and on the unit currently syncing (in another location) I get around 50 mbit download speed when testing. However I am currently syncing around 100KB/s, it goes up and down a bit between 100 and 400 KB/s but mostly at the lower end. By the looks of it I have a direct connection since there are no indications of a relay server being used. I don't have any limits configured and I am using UPnP. Would it be better for speed using a set l
  11. Yes it's a custom rom on a Radxa Rock
  12. Thanks for answering, not really sure how this information helps me thou . I am not sure why it comes unresponsive, maybe it eats CPU on my device, maybe it's memory. Or perhaps it's a combination of everything when downloading large files over the network interface and writing them to the hard drive. That's why I wanted to know if it was possible to put a limit on download speed.
  13. Is it possible to limit download / upload speed in BitTorrent Sync on Android? Not sure it helps but atm, when it is syncing my system becomes close to unresponsive.
  14. Actually it did work for me when enabling "Allow Mobile internet". It just took quite some time before it made the first connection, I was being to impatient. Maybe someone else stumbles upon this thread and can have some use of the information at least.
  15. So far all the other applications i tried on my unit recognize the internet connection when using ethernet and can get online. Is this simply not supported on BitTorrent Sync? Does BitTorrent Sync monitor the wi-fi connection and recognize it as not active and simply halts? If that's the case it would be an idea to be able to override that.
  16. Hi, Not sure if this is hardware related, android related or something with the app. But no matter where the issue is maybe someone can give me some tips on what to try. On my Radxa Rock i get the "No internet connection" message in BTSync when I am connected via Ethernet, on wi-fi everything works just fine. When I connect my device to my LAN with ethernet cable I get an IP from my DHCP and most applications work, chrome, google play and so on. But not BTSync that doesn't seem to be able to recognize the connection, any advice?
  17. Ah I see, that is practical. I am gonna try it out. Thanks for answering
  18. Thanks for the swift reply. Do I need to set up any port forwarding on the devices for this to work?
  19. Sorry about the topic, but I can't quite explain what I mean in few words so I thought it's better to do an example. As you might find out in a bit I am not very familiar with how bt sync works. Lets say I have a server which I want as the source (write access) Then I have 10 devices (read only) that should get synced to match the source. These 10 different devices have different download speeds. As soon as a file on one of the 10 devices get synced, does it start to "seed" to the other 9 devices enabling them to sync faster using both the server and the other device as source? Hope that