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  1. i'm done with 2.0, thanks. where can i find the installer for 1.4 ?



    answering my own question, just in case anyone else wants out of this 2.0 debacle.


    you need to uninstall (including removing settings), and download/install 1.4 from here: http://syncapp.bittorrent.com/1.4.110/


    I am also fed-up with V2.0. It is a mess and full of bugs. When trying to downgrade to 1.4 I found the same adivce. But I DONT HAVE AN UNISTALLER. Is there anybody out there who can help me?



  2. Meanwhile I solved the abovementioned issue. But have now another "strange" behaviour that I want to clarify:


    I started the sync with 36,016 files that the indexing of BitTorrentSync reported on both folders (one on my desktop, one on my laptop). I have got the same conts from WIN7. This looked fine.


    But when the sync was finished BitToorent reports now 37,876 files (on both folders). And WIN7 still reports the initial number of files 36,016. I have to stress that the data on both folders were indentical before I started the sync. I observerd some exchanges (reported by BitTorrent). Maybe this has to do with different timestamps or other features of files that BitTorrent analyses. But definetively the number of files has not chnaged (according to WIN7).


    Why does BitTorrent increase the number of files????



  3. Hello,


    I am rather new with BitTorrentSync and have a problem:


    When setting up new sync between already existing folders on my desktop and my laptop (both running under WIN7 32 bit) I have got inconsistent results from the indexing (right after setting up the sync). The detais that worry me are.



    Win7 reports: 94,9 GB; 36,315 files; 6,720 folders

    BitTorrent reports: 68,3 GB; 36,221 files



    Win7 reports: 94.9 GB; 36,315 files; 6,270 folders

    BitTorrent reports: 94.7 GB; 36,235 files


    Can someone help and explain this? What can be the reason for such s significant difference between WIN7 counts and BitTorrent counts non both machines?




  4. I had a deeper look into the problen and found:


    BitTorrent finds after indexing on my Desktop 80,3 GB; Win7 finds 109 GB

    BitTorrent finds after indexing on my Laptop 109,3 GB; Win 7 finds 109 GB


    How to explain this? I ask for support via mail but are waiting for a feedback since two days....

    Maybe the communty can help

  5. Yes, also the timestamps are identical!


    I am really confused by this behaviour. When I first applied the sync to some other folders (to test the sync) bittorrent stopped after indexing. This was opbious because the folders were identical.


    The only difference is that I made a backup uf all my files before setting up the sync. Is bittorrent sensitive to the archivebit of the files?



  6. Hello,


    I am a new user of this bright tool! First I tried it out by setting up a sync between my deskptop and my laptop with some smaller folders. Im was impressed and then applied it to my working folders with all my data. and now I have a basic question:


    I set up the sync between my desktop (there the secret was generated) and my laptop. I am absolutely sure that the data on both machines are identical (I synced them with another tool).


    After seting up the sync bitTorrent started indexing the files on both machines. This is in line what I have expected.


    But after this my dekstop started downloading everything from the laptop! This is what conserns me. Why happens this: as mentioned above the files on both machines are identical.


    The only reason for such behaviour I can think of is that I made a backup of all my data on the desktop before setting up the sync.


    Can anybody explain whay my desktop downloads everything althouth files are identical?