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  1. The vast number (I would guess 100%) of the Linux version of btsync is installed on a Linux box, so its not a "special use case" for these, its the norm.
  2. I have a complete log file, its too large, how can I attach it to my posting? And by the way, is anybody from the BitTorrent Sync devs actually reading this? I somehow have the feeling I am talking to /dev/null here :-(
  3. Ok, it seems it does not have to do with DHT, it still happens. This time i copied (not moved!) 9 jpeg files into the "Camera" folder that is synced with my Android phone camera folder. I first created a new folder, this was synced to the device immediately, the new folder appears on my Android. Then I dumped these 9 files into this new folder and now it shows "^ 6.3 MB", sync indicator is spinning, nothing happens. Grepping the log for the folder name only shows repeated the following: [...][20140205 14:13:19.478] Found peer for folder /home/bernd/btsync/Handy/Camera 01225B248E83DE5FCE15FAD81
  4. the ignore file by default already contains some of these meta files and folders that various operating systems and file browsers create in each directory and I would like to request the file name .directoryto be added to this list by default. This file is created in KDE by the Dolphin file manager (the default file manager of KDE 4) and contains such settings as whether to show hidden files in this direcrtory, whether to show the files as list or as icons or thumbnails, etc. This file should not be synchronized across different computers because on every computer the user might want to have d
  5. I have made another observation: I have also a Windows 7 machine in my network and when sharing between Linux and Windows there are no problems, the problems described in post #1 only occur between my Linux box and my Android phone! Also since I have enabled DHT on all my shares on the Linux box it does not seem to happen anymore (need more testing before i can say this with certainty). How can this possibly affect it? They both see each other even without DHT (on both sides its displayed that the other side is online) what has DHT then to do with it after they are connected already?
  6. Is it possible that this depends on whether the setting "use DHT" is activated or not?
  7. Edit: forget the log below, its the wrong one, I'll try to make another one /Edit Here is some log (grepped for folder name): [20140203 16:15:56.572] Found peer for folder /home/bernd/btsync/Handy/Download 01225B248E83DE5FCE15FAD8148839E634E31BA1 direct:1[20140203 16:15:59.510] [OnNotifyFileChange] /home/bernd/btsync/Handy/Download/testfolder, source = NULL[20140203 16:15:59.510] SyncFilesController [file changed]: processing file "/home/bernd/btsync/Handy/Download/testfolder"[20140203 16:15:59.510] Added path=/home/bernd/btsync/Handy/Download/testfolder with fd=50[2014
  8. I am running this on Kubuntu and I noticed it automatically starts when I log in, I don't want this. Where is this configured?
  9. Reproducible: always. Steps to reproduce: * Kubuntu 12.04 and BitTorrent Sync 1.2.82 (the one from the launchpad ppa) * have a folder on the Linux PC shared with your mobile phone (or with other PC) * make a new folder outside this shared folder, place a file into this new folder * drag&dropĀ¹ this new folder into the shared folder ("move" not "copy") * watch the user interface in the browser and observe what happens on both devices Expected result: * It should detect this newly placed folder and file * It should begin uploading the folder and the file Actual result: * It will
  10. The Anderoid app is missing a method to show the secret for a folder. I recently had the use case where I got a new PC, installed BTSync and wanted to add my folders again and all I had left were the folders on my mobile phone (and the old PC was not usable anymore). There is no comfortable way to display/email the existing secrets from my mobile phone to my new PC. The Android app should have menu items for each folder: "show secret", "copy secret to clipboard" and "send secret (mail, etc.)".