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  1. Hi RomanZ, You are absolutely right. Thank you. I've just tested it between two machines with a dozen photos in the folder. It worked perfectly. The 'read write' machine shows the Status as 'Out of Sync' once the 'read only' machine deletes a file. That doesn't stop it sync'ing if you add another file on the 'read write' machine. I think the message 'Out of Sync' might lead to some confusion. Anyway, thanks again, Cheers, Mark
  2. Hi, I think this is a new feature request, because I don't think the client supports this today, but please correct me if I'm wrong. I want a 'read only' client to remember the files that have been deleted in that client folder and not download them again. I'd be happy for this to be based on the filename, although perhaps it would be better to be based on a checksum of the file. This is why I want this feature. I have a folder with family videos in it. I sync between a couple of my machines but also share it 'read only' to other family members. They don't always want all of the videos. So they'd like to delete them after viewing. When they do that BTSync downloads it again. Is it possible to do this today? If not please could you consider adding this functionality as a folder option? Cheers, Mark
  3. I use BTSync on my home LAN only. I've done my fair share of reporting problems and getting bugs fixed. I want BitTorrent to continue to work to refine it, and most importantly for me, make it work well. I can't see a subscription model ever enticing me, especially at $40/year with no cloud component. However I want to support the product and the team behind it, so I'd be interested if there were a one-off payment approach as well as the free version. Perhaps a donation button?
  4. Hi Toby, I'm considering trying to create a LAN based BT Sync machine for my home network. I don't own a NAS and don't want to spend more than about £50 on this project, I guess I could consider £100 if really necessary. I'm pondering buying a Raspberry Pi or some other similar single board computer. You also mention a HummingBoard. I've looked at a TonidoPlug 2 for £60 as well, or PogoPlug 4 for about £45. I'm a confident unix user so would probably aim to put a native unix installation in place along with the BT Sync software. My goal is to either sync ~30,000 files totalling 30GB, or 70,000 files totalling 100GB. I'd like to hear your opinion on the feasibility of this sort of sync of BT Sync usage on a cheap device. I'd ideally like SATA connectivity for a 3.5" old HDD or a USB connected 2.5" HDD. Pointers to folks that have already done this sort of project would be great. Cheers, Mark
  5. Hi, I found this thread too late to try it. I think the idea of running BitTorrent Sync on AWS is brilliant. What did your application do that is better than running BitTorrent Sync on a default Linux VM on AWS? Cheers, Mark