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  1. Hi, I'm using Sync Pro on my iMac, Macbook and Syno DS211J on my home LAN. Both Macs are able to sync folders to the DS for backup. I now want to sync a folder directly from my iMac to the Macbook, but BTS is indicating No Peers. The iMac is connected by ethernet, the Macbook is WiFi. I have no idea why this doesn't work, I can access either device with Finder just fine. Your help appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, I'm currently running BTSync v1.4.75-5 from the SynoCommunity on a DS211J. Having read about the .SyncIgnore file usage, it mentions that this file should be identical on all devices. Editing on Win7 is no real problem, but how do I do this on the DS? Also, if I'm setting up a new folder to sync, I'm assuming it is best to write the new .SyncIgnore file first and place it in the folder that is to be synced on both the PC and the DS, then set up the sync, is that correct? I'm finding this part of BTSync a little confusing and think it would be so much easier if this sort of thing could be achieved more easily from within the UI, thereby making it a little less geeky. Thanks.
  3. stanha - looking forward to reading your user manual regarding this point. I'm reasonably computer literate, but find this part of BTS rather cumbersome and am hoping that longer term when the product matures it will be better incorporated into the UI. I quite like the way this can be achieved with FreeFileSync, by running a compare and then being able to right click on files to add to the ignore list.
  4. I'm new to BTSync and have noticed the same behaviour of empty folders and don't find the use of the .Syncignore file all that user friendly, would like to see more detailed examples for its use. I would like to hope that as this great software develops, it could be made so much easier to ignore files & folders from within the UI during sync setup. Apart from that, it's working well with my Synology DS and my PC & Mac.