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  1. I've got a desktop, smartphone and 2 Synology NAS's (let's call them NAS1 and NAS2) NAS1 doesn't show the existing folders (no dashed folders), but all other devices do. All was working up until the version before 2.1 then I haven't successfully seen any folders on NAS1. If I start an iPhone photo backup, that will write to NAS1, but nothing else seems to work. What am I doing wrong? I've upgraded versions just fine over the past year (up until about a month or so ago, then it hasn't been working), and have a Pro account.
  2. If I create a folder, then edit the properties and change which check boxes are on/off (including adding predefined hosts) all of those settings should be encoded into the secret key, so that when I share, the recipient doesn't have to configure anything (except where the folder is located). A secondary feature would be to additionally "lock" the settings, so the recipient couldn't modify them (ensuring the folder stays secured).