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  1. I added the key and it solved the problem which seems odd since the previous version worked fine without the key.
  2. I just swapped between version 1.4.103 and 1.4.106 and checked the registry for both the admin user that I used to install the software and the normal user. I have verified that the normal user has to enter an admin password each time btsync starts with version 1.4.106 but only the first time with version 1.4.103. I found the key that you mentioned above in the registry for the admin user but not for the normal user. This is true for both versions. I have not added the key to the normal users registry since it does not appear to have anything to do with this problem since it's missing from b
  3. That was the first thing I checked. Only the x64 version is installed. x86 was installed previously, I have been using btsync for well over a year, before x64 was an option. It seems odd that this does not affect 1.4.103 but it does affect 1.4.106 if there is old info in the registry. If the registry is pointing to the old x86 version there is nothing there. Tell me what to clean out of the registry and I will uninstall, clean the registry and re-install.
  4. I upgraded some Windows 7/8.1 clients to 1.4.106. Every time the user logs in Windows asks for the admin password in order to run btsync (64 bit version). When I returned to 1.4.103 this problem went away.
  5. I'm seeing the same thing with the folder names. Sometimes I see just the folder name, sometimes I see the full path. I have 6 Raspberry Pis running Raspbian/BTSync-1.3.105 and they all have the same problem. Sometimes I get just the folder name when I access the web interface for the first time in a while and hen I refresh my browser I usually get the full path. It's not consistent.
  6. I also use btsync on Linux, Windows and Mac. I've use different minor versions within a major version without a problem (I haven't mixed 1.1.xx with 1.2.yy). I downloaded 1.2.89 for Windows (the link still says 1.2.87) and it works fine with my Linux Raspberry Pi backup servers running 1.2.82.