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  1. Sorry, when I said "is there any precedence", I didn't mean it as asking if we've ever adopted closed source application at IU before. I meant, has BTSync ever worked with other companies, institutions and helped them to get BTSync approved by their security team? Is there any other college campuses that official uses BTSync as part of their system? If we are the first one, is there any material that I can provide to our security team such as some materials on its internal design, protocols, architecture, etc?
  2. Hello. I work for Indiana University and I am currently researching ways to use btsync to synchronize data between different computing clusters and allow users to send/receive input/output data through btsync client. So far my prototype is working very well. My next step is to get our internal security team to get this product approved to be used within Indiana University and beyond. Since this is closed-source, how can they investigate / endorse this application? (I am not really sure how they do security scanning closed source applications, anyway..) Is there any materials that I can give them? Is there any precedence for a similar project?
  3. Having the same problem on btsync 1.2.82. I have btsync running on Windows PC, and syncing it to btsync server running on RHEL6 (both running version 1.2.82). It takes about 4 - 10 minutes for my files to be synchronized. My btsync client on RHEL6 is behind a firewall (except the port which is starts listening on), so I have to use those relay / tracker servers (not exactly sure how these things works, but it's enabled on both Windows and RHEL6 btsync clients). Is there any chance that these issues could be fixed soon?