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  1. @cipherplain, Thanks a lot for your answer !!! I re-launched my 1.4 sync soft on the NAS for these special folders. I wait for the update..
  2. Sorry, bad french translation... I re-made everything from 0 : I disconnected the folder and deleted the app from my iphone, and re-downloaded it, created a new account. On the NAS, i disconnected the folder and deleted it. Then, i re-added the folder. Then, i connected my iphone app by sharing a QR code on the NAS... You know the result : nothing synchronizes between the iPhone and the NAS. Unfortunately, it is not the first time that happen following an update on the NAS (or the iPhone?)..
  3. Hi ! I have a synology (214play) with the bitsync soft and an iphone with the bitsync App. Everything used to work well until i updated the soft on the NAS. Since that moment, the sync has not been worked on my iphone. I cleaned everything on my iphone app and repaired the app with my folder on the NAS. That works, and both the app and the soft see each other. BUT the folder in the app does not fill up. In the details, it is written that there is no files at all in it, 0ko, etc.. whereas on the soft it is correctly written the right storage of the folder. What should i do ? Thank you !
  4. hi, thanks for all the work done ! Any feedbacks from Lacie NAS ?