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  1. Both the desktop and the laptop are running Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9.1.
  2. I did try to enable debugging, but then forgot to look at the log. Now I just did. I don't see any messages in the system log containing the strings "sync" or "BT". Where should I be looking? (irrelevant material deleted - my apologies for including it.) Thanks for continuing to help me with this. John Howard
  3. Desktop:, listening port 30001 Laptop:, listening port 30000 subnet mask on both of them at the moment using explicit IP addresses, not names, in folder properties/predefined hosts fwiw, the laptop is using WiFi through my home router. I've tried wired Ethernet too, no difference.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I have indeed left "Search LAN" checked all along. I'm trying to connect directly through my household LAN, so I don't understand what UPnP, or anything else in my router, should have to do with this issue. I tried unchecking "Use NAT UPnP port mapping" in the general preferences, with no positive effect, although it did have the negative effect of disabling sync with my Android phone. [ BTW, I live in the USA, not China, for what it's worth. ] John Howard
  5. I'm a new BitTorrent Sync user, although I have tried and used many other sync solutions over the years. I'm impressed by the functionality and ease of use. Now I am trying to sync folders between my desktop and a laptop. I need to sync only when both machines are on the same LAN. I've defined folders on both machines with the same secret. But no matter what I try, the sync apps on the two machines never even see each other. Nothing shows up in the devices display or history, and no files get transferred. I've tried: * turning off firewalls on both machines * using the standard folder properties (use relay server and tracker server) * using predefined hosts with local IP addresses * using predefined hosts with local hostnames * changing the listening ports The documentation doesn't say what port should be used for a predefined host. I assume it is the listening port defined in that host's sync preferences. By the way, I've also set up a (different) folder to sync between an Android phone and the desktop (and laptop). This even provides an indirect path between the laptop and desktop. So it is possible to reach both machines from the phone. I think this eliminates many possible problem areas. But the BT Sync apps on the two machines still don't see each other. At this point I'm out of ideas. Any suggestions?