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  1. It is great to read that security is your highest priority. For me, as a customer, it is crucial to know that btsync 1) does what it is supposed to do, and 2) never does something it is not supposed to do. We can do extensive testing on the first topic, but not on the second topic. Does btsync contain backdoors? Will it leak my precious data to some foreign server? We don't now, and we cannot know. Security is our highest priority as well. Are you going to publish reports of rigorous third-party security audits that address these concerns? Reports that include the checksums and/or GPG signat
  2. I have a couple of big collections ( 10,000s of files ) that I would like to share. These collections change very little, on average 5 files per day. The current way BTSync works, with file watches for every file and a 10-minute interval file system scan is overkill for this purpose. So I think it would be nice to be able to disable file watches and control the file scan interval time on a shared folder basis.